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Did you know incorporating Combined Heat and Power (CHP) using a Solar® gas turbine into your building or process can reduce the amount of electricity imported from the grid and decrease your total energy cost?

Find out how much you could save below.

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Plant Annual Operating Costs

Cogeneration Plant Benefits

CO2 Reductions

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  1. Steam (or heat equivalent) assumed at 150 psig (10.3 barg), saturated conditions. However, the gas turbine based CHP can easily generate higher or lower pressure steam with or without superheat, hot water, drying, and/or cooling.
  2. Actual plant savings can vary dramatically based on location and application factors. Contact Solar for details on your specific project. This estimate is for information only and does not constitute Solar's agreement to offer a firm proposal in the future.
  3. Based on USA Electrical Grid Average and Existing Gas Boiler. Source: US EPA
  4. Various regions offer subsidies to power price for CHP. These are specific to the region and not considered here.