Centrifugal Gas Compressor Calculator

Discover our solutions for your compression needs by applying your process conditions to our sizing tool below.

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Based on your specifications, contact the experts at Solar Turbines to do a full evaluation of your compressor and power needs

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Required Power

  1. Actual conditions can vary dramatically based on location and application factors. The Required Power is based on inputs and is estimated for information only and does not constitute Solar's agreement to offer a firm proposal in the future.
  2. Available Power is based on the selected engine output power and is for a new engine at nominal performance, optimum speed and ISO conditions. Final turbine selection will be affected by your actual site conditions.
  3. Compressor selection is provided for guidance only, it does not include details engineering the selection, which involves, critical speeds bearing spans, compressor loadings, allowable compressor configurations, materials of construction, bearings requirements, torque, etc.
  4. Required power is calculated using nominal compressor efficiency and ISO conditions.
  5. Contact Solar Turbines for details on your specific project or application.
  6. Electric Motor Drive (EMD) solutions are also available. Contact Solar Turbines if a gas turbine product does not align with your project needs.